Amaranthine, LLC, founded by Peter D’Aloisio, specializes in the field of Embedded System Design as well as supporting design disciplines. With over 20 years of electronic and electromechanical design and prototyping experience to offer, I founded Amaranthine, LLC in order to address the embedded systems design needs of the industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

Through Amaranthine, LLC, I provide integrated design solutions. These design solutions include digital and analog electronic hardware design as well as firmware design and may also include any required mechanical design for a given project.

The types of projects that I work on most often involve using electronics to control real world mechanical devices or systems.

Often this work involves taking a project all the way from the initial project concept through to the creation of production quality prototypes.

Sometimes these ‘prototypes’ are actually finished, turnkey production quality units that clients will use themselves or sell their customers. In these cases this highly custom low volume work gives me greater and sometimes sole responsibility for the success of the overall project.

My combined electronic and mechanical design experience helps me to form excellent working relationships with mechanical engineers who want to incorporate electronics into their products.

My company has the usual computers, software and laboratory equipment that you would expect to find at an embedded system design consulting firm.

Additionally, my company has a well-equipped machine shop containing the metal working machinery that is used to fabricate the mechanical portion of fully functional prototypes.

Previously completed Design and Build projects include:
- Devices for use on Industrial and Commercial Equipment
Device for use by Law Enforcement Agencies
- Devices for the Security Industry
- Traffic Control Signal Devices
- Animated Museum Displays
Toy and Game Devices

Please contact Amaranthine, LLC for design and build services for custom electronic and electromechanical devices, and for help with the incorporation of electronics into your new or existing products.

Amaranthine, LLC specializes in designing with Microchip products.
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Amaranthine, LLC is a proud user of Altium ECAD products.
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