Amplifier Module  
This rack mounted module is a headphone amplifier assembly for a telecommunications interface device. It features 3 audio inputs and two headphone outputs. The headphone outputs are independently amplified and controlled. Two 3-position switches allow the operator to choose which channel will be heard through either or both of the two headphones. There is an independent volume control for each headphone.

 3-line Telecom Interface Device
The circuit board shown is the inside of a specialized; custom made 3-line telecom interface unit.
 Integrated 3-line Telecom Monitoring Device.
The assembly shown is a specialized, custom made 3-line telecom monitoring device for use by law enforcement agencies.


Wireless Remote Throttle Controller.
This microcontroller based device accepts 3 commands via a hand-held wireless remote control transmitter. These commands are increase speed, decrease speed and auto idle. A cable and drum assembly (not shown) attaches to the gearmotor shaft. The cable operates the throttle of a small internal combustion engine. Electronic dynamic braking is used to rapidly stop the gearmotor between throttle movements. Almost all of the power required by this controller is drawn off of the engineís ignition magneto with only small amounts of power occasionally being drawn off of a 9-volt battery as required under certain conditions when the magneto can not supply all of the energy required by the controller. This results in a very long battery service life.

Note: For tradeshow product display purposes, this same throttle controller assembly was reprogrammed and the gearmotor drive circuitry was used to drive a small speaker that simulated the sound of an internal combustion engine to simulate the way that an engine controlled by this device would operate in response to a person using the hand-held wireless remote control transmitter.

 A Control Module Used in Traffic Signals.  
This microcontroller based deviceís inputs monitor the sequence of a traffic signal and sets outputs in response to the sequence and current state of its inputs. This circuit board resides in a small aluminum enclosure and it connects to a traffic signal via the circular plastic connector

 Fully Custom Control System.

This fully custom control system controls the anamatronics for a museum display. The circuit board located near the lower left corner of the enclosure incorporates both digital and analog circuitry to provide serial digital control signals, as well as three separate channels of audio content, to the anamatronic devices used in the museum display. The other equipment located in the enclosure is used to provide power to the system and also allows the low voltage circuitry on the circuit board to control high voltage lighting and high current motor loads that are present in the display.

 DC Generator Unit.

This photo shows a hand cranked, low voltage, DC generator unit. This device was custom designed and built for a local museum. This generator unit is used as part of an interactive educational display that explains and demonstrates the principles of electromagnetism as it applies to electrical power generation and use. The key features of this device are its mechanical ruggedness, the sectioning of the permanent magnet generator to allow museum patrons to see its inner workings and the incorporation of a clear acrylic cover in order to prevent user contact with the rotating components of the unit.


 Custom Interface Module.
This microcontroller based interface module interfaces an analog input to a wireless modemís RS232 serial port and is used for remote data acquisition. The serial port powers this module.

 8-Output Lighting Display Sequencer
This microcontroller based device is a multi-function, 8-Output lighting display sequencer (a.k.a. lighting chaser). The timing and pattern for the sequencer operation are DIP switch selectable. This sequencer can control holiday lighting displays as well advertising displays, carnival lighting, etc. General purpose AC loads such as electronic devices and small motors can also be controlled. This sequencer can be cascaded with other sequencers to allow coordinated control of more than 8 outputs which is useful for building lighting displays that spell out messages. Additionally, other sequencer products are currently under development and Amaranthine, LLC will offer them for sale in the near future. The products under development will feature integral weather tight packaging, smaller size, unlimited user configurability and higher current ratings.


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